FoW Lessons – Shelley Harris’ advice to kickstart your writing

same old thinking

Shelley Harris‘ workshop at FoW15 was brilliantly useful.  I’ve had plenty of need recently to revisit the lessons from the session. One section of the workshop was about kickstartng your writing. The idea behind all of these exercises is to write something new and different. Use the exercises as a warm up, as a writing break when you’re stuck on your work-in-progress, or to generate a new idea for a full piece of writing.

Five names you’d never give a character.

  1. List them.
  2. Think about why you’d never use each name. How could you write a character with that name and challenge the stereotype suggested by their name?
  3. Pick one and write.

Five stories you’d tell if nobody was going to know / read them.

  1. List them
  2. For each, write a couple of sentences about why you wouldn’t write it.
  3. Use the “Fuck It Draft” to write part of one of the stories.

Novel Matrix

  1. Fill in the matrix (click the link)
  2. Randomly combine one box from each column – ask yourself ‘If this was a story, what story would it be?’
  3. Answer the “further questions” about your randomly generated story.
  4. Write a few paragraphs of the story.

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