FoW Lessons – Cally Taylor says ‘EXPERIMENT, LEARN, BOUNCE’


The keynote speeches at FoW16 were great but two stood out as supremely inspirational – Joanna Cannon (@JoannaCannon) author of ‘The Trouble With Goats and Sheep’ who spoke about mental health, self-care and self-confidence. Also Cally Taylor (@Cally Taylor) whose speech detailed her journey as a writer from criticism of her short stories from a writing forum member, to publishing both women’s fiction (Heaven Can Wait and Home For Christmas) and then crime novels as C.L Taylor.  (The Lie, The Missing and The Accident.)

Amongst many useful lessons was the message EXPERIMENT, LEARN, BOUNCE.

Experiment with genre – short stories are a good way to do this.

Never stop learning – learn from critiques, from feedback, from studying published books in your genre.

Bounce back from criticism and rejection.  Writing is subjective so allow yourself time to reflect on feedback and act upon it if you know they’ve hit upon something true, albeit painful.

Great advice from a truly lovely person.

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