FoW Lessons – The Goat Pride Festival



Joanna Cannon’s keynote speech was so inspiring that I’ll probably get a month’s worth of lessons from it.  My first thought after her speech is that we could re-name the FoW as the Goat Pride Festival. (Actually, my first thought was ‘wow’ and ‘I wish she was my friend’ however my first sensible thought was about pride.)


It’s easy to feel isolated as a writer.  It’s easy to feel out of place when your interest in life is driven by people and situations that take up residence in your head until you write about them.  Joanna Cannon urged us all to be proud of being goats, not sheep.  The whole FoW celebrates our goatness and creates a wonderful sense of belonging and acceptance.


Spending a weekend in the company of so many like-minded and lovely people is such a rare treat that a post festival slump is inevitable. Real life hits and we’re back to balancing the jobs we do to pay the bills with the writing we do to feed our souls. I’m determined that the sense of pride I feel in our collective individualism and creativity will endure.


I’m also determined that I’ve got to finish the re-write before I let myself read more of ‘The Trouble With Goats and Sheep’ otherwise I’ll never ‘finish the damn book ‘ – my own, that is.

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